For us, being designers is all about creative problem solving. There is an indescribable thrill in pushing yourself to uncover the beauty within the mundane. We are not fashionistas and we usually shy away from the spotlight, but out of our desire to create something functional yet alluring, a simple, sophisticated solution was born.



Lightweight, flexible and waterproof, our KNOT-neo cable is a rubber compound that can be easily washed and taken care of. The material has proven to be quite a stunner and we’ve fallen head over heels in love with it for its seductiveness and practicality. Paired in our handbags with luxurious 100% virgin Merino wool in an array of beautiful color makes for a bold yet practical statement. 



Handcrafted in our studio using traditional knotting techniques, our necklaces and handbags are meticulously designed and created with close attention to detail. These limited edition pieces are not mere accessories, they are meant to be displayed as wearable art that can transform any simple outfit into a statement.


Enjoy and prepare to be admired!